The Victorian Rocketry Association was first established as Tripoli Australia in 1996, and is the Victorian prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA).

If you’re not from Victoria, you can look for a local club here

Join The Victorian Rocketry Association (VRA)

Joining Tripoli Rocketry association here in Australia involves two steps, and two separate memberships.

Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) – United States

(more details available at:

The first requirement for joining Tripoli Australia is to join and pay your membership to the Tripoli Rocketry Association in the United States. This membership conveys a range of benefits, including insurance for sanctioned launches throughout the world, access to the Tripoli publications, website content, and merchandise.

Junior and Student membership fees are set at $10 USD, and for new members, $70 (in the first year) and for those in their second year and all other fliers – $60 USD in calendar year 2021.

These membership fees are invested and reallocated to support Prefectures throughout the world.

Tripoli Australia has received $750 AUD from this fund for each of the last two years, which we have used to enhance launch facilities, equipment, and safety gear.

Victorian Rocketry Association (VRA)

The second membership is for VRA

This membership fee = $72 per annum.

For this membership, you will be eligible to fly your rockets at any of our three launch sites on organised launches, you will receive regular communications from the organisation, invitations to attend social gatherings updates on weather conditions for launch days, and use of launch equipment.

The process:

Two ways to join the Tripoli Rocketry Association – United States:

Via paypal, you can join the organisation and pay your fees via PayPal from this handy portal:

Alternately, you can download the membership form for the Tripoli Rocketry Association (USA):

You can access this form and details of the US membership through the Tripoli Website at Navigate to the membership tab, and then check for the new membership form, or renewal form. Please send this form – via email – to TRA – United States at:

Join Victorian Rocketry Association – Australia

For investment in your rocketry future, please complete the membership form (attached document) and forward that to the Secretary Paul Plevier (

2021 Tripoli Australia Membership Application

To complete the document, you will need to have read the Tripoli Rocketry Association Safety Code – the current version is downloadable at: and the Tripoli Rocketry Association Flyer regulations.

If you want to pay via CC, we will issue an invoice that you can pay via Credit Card, online, or via EFT (please follow the instructions on the membership application) for your $72 membership fee.

We look forward to flying with you.

VRA members and committee.